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Help us in making changes to the laws of the land so that no child or their parent should suffer like this…

Tragic true life stories will be posted and updated…stay tuned for updates on Aarika’s 2nd chance at JUSTICE after 16 years...
Aarika's Law is not just a law...
Aarika's Law is a common law of decency, caring compassion and demonstrated love and concern for the wellness of children...yours, mine, ours...
Proposed Laws
Nationwide legislative branches of government have been enacting laws aimed at protecting children from sexual predators. 

Although these laws have had a positive effect, numerous child sexual abuse cases have exposed a weakness in the laws which are providing a safe haven for sexual predators...The weaknesses in the laws are regarding “mandatory reporting” and “failure to report” provisions of child abuse here for more...
Candlelight Vigil for Child Sex Abuse Victims
"Failure to Report"
Aarika’s Law is written as recognition that all responsible adults hold an implicit responsibility to behave as a “Reasonable Person” regarding the “Duty of Care” for the welfare of children.

When "Responsible Adults" become aware of child sexual abuse and they "Fail to Report" the abuse, the sexual predator is provided a safehaven to abuse additional innocent children.

Aarika's Law is an enhanced definition of "Failure to Report" and "Mandatory Report" regarding suspicion of child sexual abuse.

"It's OUR Responsibility to Protect Our children, Yours, Mine, OURS"
You can help Promote Aarika's Law
You can help us promote awareness to Aarika's Law and the cause of Preventing and Stopping sexual abuse of children.

We need to get the word out to state legislators nation wide. Below are links to flyers and letters you can distribute in your neighborhood and send to your delegated state legislators...(more info click here)
"We the People" Will Protect OUR Children
Juror says "we did the wrong thing"
Aarika's Law Petition
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